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Microblog: Carnivore Cure – Supplements on Carnivore?

Microblog: Carnivore Cure – Supplements on Carnivore?

When I first started carnivore, I heard that supplements weren’t needed and meat heals everything. After working with nearly a hundred clients for nutritional therapy and using a meat-based diet, I know this is not true.

💡Not everyone needs supplements, but some do.

🤔Many social media influencers work with zero clients. Yet they are using science to advocate what is best for an optimal meat-based diet. How?

❓How do they know other than what works for them?

⛑Sorry, we learn from science but we use real cases to personalize healing.

👥Many lifestyle influencers share their personal journey and that’s more than encouraged. That’s how we build community and that’s how we normalize non-status-quo diets.

🌱Some of my clients were completely scared to touch any supplements that had some type of plant extract or herbals. Most of them have let go of the carnivore dogma. Plant medicinals have a place in healing (and extracts and oils have almost zero antinutrients).

⚠️Caution: if herbals are used improperly, they can also cause more harm. So always work with a practitioner.

🐄Some of my clients preferred taking animal glandulars for gut health. Eating bovine small intestine may help some but that bit is not going to give you back your good gut bugs. Tell me how a dead animal’s digestive organs will repopulate your gut bugs and crowd out the bad?

💊Consuming animal guts is not a sufficient source for probiotics, your stomach acid will digest most of the organisms. (Good) probiotics are formulated in ways to bypass the digestive system and provide healing.

🆘When our small intestine (where 70-80% of our nutrients are absorbed) is not functioning well, how will we absorb our nutrients from even the highest quality foods?

🧬Yes, with mild digestive issues, meat can heal. But if you struggle with candida, IBS, SIBO, leaky gut and other gut disease, you need a proper gut healing protocol.

📚In @CarnivoreCure, I talk through this. For some, Carnivore + (temporary use of) healing supplements are the key to getting back to optimal health. Then, in time, you can truly be supplement-free and focus on a meat-based diet.

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