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Carnivore Diet Food Pyramid

Microblog: Carnivore Cure Food Pyramid

Carnivore Diet Food Pyramid

SNEAK PEAK of @CarnivoreCure’s Edition 2 Graphic!

📖Nutrition is always evolving with new information and I’ve updated my beginner’s guide! (does not contain this graphic!) https://www.nutritionwithjudy.com/shopping/guides/nutritionists-guide-to-the-carnivore-diet/

🐂Your primary source of food should come from both ruminant and non-ruminant meats.

🥓Ideally unprocessed meats are a better choice since any meat that is processed usually entails being cooked in highly inflammatory vegetable oils and they often contain added sugars and additives.

⚠️Food companies are allowed to list products with sugar serving sizes of <1g as 0. But if the container has 30 servings, you are consuming several grams of sugar. The best way to see if there is added sugar is to check the ingredient list. (e.g., sugar, maltodextrin)

❓How does shredded cheese add potato starch but have zero carbs? Hmm.

💡Remember, there is no essential carbohydrate that your body needs. Any glucose needs of the body will be created by your body. There is no need for fructose (fruit) in the body.


❗️And if you’re struggling with gout or excess purines, you don’t want to do meat + fruit.

🐟 Fatty fish is rich in omega 3s. Stick to fish over oils. And I don’t recommend cod liver oil.

🥩 I eat a rainbow of meats: beef, pork, fish, shellfish, chicken, eggs, dairy, and animal fats (sometimes tested, pure olive oil—one brand is Frantoio Grove). Beef is usually part of my daily regimen as it helps me feel the most satiated.

🧠 I no longer recommend liver and kidney organs unless there is a noticeable deficiency. Ideally, limit vitamin A to the Recommend Daily Allowance, which means 1-2 oz liver + eggs + butter/ghee is not ideal daily. Figure out what makes sense for you.

🥛 Stick to hard cheeses as they are less processed and have less lactose And raw dairy is ideal. We don’t pasteurize breastmilk. We ideally shouldn’t with our dairy. It’s not easy getting raw dairy so do what works for you.

🔥 Use added fats for lean meats. If you don’t feel satiated or feel low energy, lessen protein and eat more fat. Yes, too much fat may cause a stall.

⛑But heal first then focus on weight loss.

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