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Microblog: Carnivore Cure – Can I Have Plants on Carnivore?

Microblog: Carnivore Cure – Can I Have Plants on Carnivore?

All plants have antinutrients. It is the way the plant protects itself. I have a blog post on the various antinutrients. Link below or in stories.

🌱Plants can have a place, (although unnecessary) in the diet. Herbals and extracts can be beneficial for medicinal purposes. Extracts of plants have nearly all the antinutrients removed from the plant. Just work with someone because they can be potent.

🥑Oils (olive, avocado) have nearly zero antinutrients as well. I sometimes use avocado oil to cook for the family because the smoke point is higher than most oils.

⚠️When a fat or oil reaches its smoke point, it begins to smoke and taste burnt. The smoke is a sign of the fat breaking down from heat (oxidation) and the fat may even cause free radicals in the body.

⛑Note: Some people that have sensitivities to high FODMAP foods or salicylates may still want to cut the avocado oil. My kids don’t seem to have a problem so we sometimes use it.

💡Being able to tolerate plant-based foods is a sign of optimal health. 𝗧𝗢𝗟𝗘𝗥𝗔𝗧𝗘 is not the same thing as need.

❗️We don’t need any plants for optimal health. We don’t need fiber. We don’t need carbs for gut health. In fact, some prebiotic foods can make gut issues worth. We also don’t need it for hormone health.

⚠️You may be more susceptible to food sensitivities with salicylates than someone else. But no one should be eating foods that are high in phytates, lectins and oxalates.

💡Find what works for you and your family but know that 𝗡𝗢 plant-based foods are essential for optimal health.

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