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Microblog: Carnivore Cure – 1 in 10 Suffer from Diabetes

Microblog: Carnivore Cure – 1 in 10 Suffer from Diabetes

I have a lot of content about the dangers of excess sugar in the body. In fact, ch 4 of @CarnivoreCure is dedicated to sugar and the impacts on the body (fructose, sucrose, sweeteners, etc.)

🩸A healthy blood glucose sits around 80 mg/dL. (for all my int’l friends and clients, 4.4 mmol/L). 120 mg/dL or 6.7 mmol/L is diabetic.

❓Do you know what the difference between a healthy blood glucose and a diabetic blood glucose reading is? (yes, it’s 40 mg/dL). But how much sugar is that?


0.25 tsp = 0.04 fl oz = 1.1 grams

⚠️1.1 grams of glucose is the DIFFERENCE IN THE BLOOD for someone that is healthy and someone that is diabetic.

⁉️Do you see why eating 100 g of carbs in one meal is a cause for alarm in the body?

🔮Let’s say these hunter gatherers found blueberries.

❗️Half a cup is 10.5 grams of carbs (net sugar is 7.2 g). These gatherers didn’t eat 10 servings of blueberries in one sitting.

🍭At first with an influx of sugar, the body can manage it with insulin. But soon, insulin is inundated and our endocrine system (read: hormones = adrenals = cortisol) has to come and save the day.

🚨Remember, 0.25 teaspoon is the difference between healthy vs. diabetic. So imagine constantly eating a lof of sugar daily.

📣Hello, insulin resistance.
📣Hello, cortisol issues (adrenals & hormones).

❓If the body prioritizes blood sugar and uses up all resources to make cortisol, what do you think happens when we need cortisol for exercise, life stressors, fasting, external toxins and just about everything?

🔇They take the backseat.

And cortisol is made from cholesterol (from fat).

❓What do you think happens when you eat excess sugar (even fruit and honey) and the adrenals don’t have enough cholesterol to make cortisol to balance blood sugars?

👋🏼 Goodbye skin health. (Fat pulled from skin.)

🥀Do you see how the endocrine system (the house of hormones) gets taxed to make cortisol instead of sex or thyroid hormones?

⁉️So how do we need carbs for hormone health??

💡Cut sugar, manage stress and eat lots of fat. You might just have a better chance at balancing hormones.

📖If you doubt the 0.25 tsp of sugar, see page 83.

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