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Microblog: Carbs Are a Non-Essential Macronutrient

Microblog: Carbs Are a Non-Essential Macronutrient

WE DON’T NEED PLANT-BASED CARBS FOR HORMONE HEALTH. Sorry but if you’re doctor, dietitian, or favorite influencer is telling you to do so, they are wrong.

🔨If you follow my work, you know I don’t use definitive talk. I do it to consider outlier cases but this conversation needs absolutes.

🍎Carb advocates say that with low carbs, it causes too little insulin stimulation—causing low thyroid conversion and other hormone issues. Well, let me share some facts about insulin from @CarnivoreCure:

📖“Vitamin E is a lipid-soluble antioxidant, and supplementing with vitamin E may improve insulin functionality.

Magnesium deficiency can play a role in developing insulin resistance.

Calcium is an essential component of insulin-responsive tissues such as fat tissue and skeletal muscle. Calcium must be tightly monitored for proper insulin-mediated functioning.

Vanadium, a trace mineral, possesses insulin-like activities and has shown to increase insulin sensitivity in both invitro stimulated insulin secretion, as well as in animal tissues.

Chromium is a catalyst in the action of insulin.

Copper plays a role in insulin binding.

Potassium is needed to assist with insulin secretion. Insulin puts potassium into cells by way of the sodium-potassium pump in each cell.

Zinc is required for insulin processing. Low zinc levels can adversely impact glucose tolerance. Remember, you also need zinc to produce enough hydrochloric acid. If the gut is damaged from carb-rich foods, you can’t break down meats to access zinc.

💡Get to the root cause. Maybe you are zinc deficient, rather than carb-deficient.”

☠️If you fear zero carbs, fine. There are plenty of animal-based foods with carbs. Why get the carbs from toxic plant foods riddled with anti-nutrients (and may even bind minerals that stimulate insulin function—see above)?

⁉️Do you really think our body makes carbohydrates non-essential, but then expects organs and a whole system (endocrine system comprises of adrenals, thyroid, hormones, etc.) to DEPEND on a non-essential macronutrient for proper function? C’mon, we need to give our bodies more credit than to believe this ludicrousy.




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