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Microblog: Can We Eat Too Much Protein?

Microblog: Can We Eat Too Much Protein?

Watch the clip here.

Watch the full interview here.

Can you eat too much protein?

🥀I have seen some clients have worsening eGFR on carnivore but it may not be only due to protein consumption.

🥩Whatever the reason, when my clients eat higher fat carnivore (70% fat and 30% protein in terms of total calories, with about 0.8 g of protein per 1 lb of ideal body weight,) the eGFR improves.

💡When I see clients eat more than 1 g of protein per 1 lb of ideal body weight, I often see health markers decline, especially if they are limiting fat.

🩸Markers aren’t everything but if you don’t feel well, then take a closer look at your blood markers.

🔎As an example, markers change with exercise, such as ALT and AST (liver markers) elevating. Context always matters.
PMID: 17764474

⛑ Find what makes sense for you and if something is not working, work with a professional.

🥩But meat-only carnivore is a safe way of eating long-term. You just may need to tweaks things to make sense for your individual body.

📺 Full interview on YouTube with Dr. Layman: https://youtu.be/DVi2KFXYhT4

🎙Full interview on podcast: https://nutritionwithjudy.buzzsprout.com/1848795/10793415-secret-to-weight-loss-without-losing-muscle-dr-donald-layman

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