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Microblog: Can Meat be Healing?

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If you told me during my 12 years of being plant-based that a lot of my mental issues would go away with meat, I would have laughed.


💔 I thought that my plant-based, whole-foods diet was perfectly healthy and I was just born broken. My serotonin wasn’t working properly and I needed meds. I had to work on my eating disorder by eating all foods in moderation and practicing intuitive and mindful eating.


But doing all those things didn’t work.


💊I was on the highest dose of SSRIs, and even with the addition of anti-psychotics, I wasn’t doing much better (and I was gaining weight).


🥩Out of pure desperation, I tried all-meat carnivore because even a plant-based keto diet (high-fat) didn’t work.


💡While I still needed to address my food addiction and turning to food for everything, (and my view of the world with my Faith), once my body was nourished, it became easier.


🙏🏼I have been med-free, depression-free and eating disorder-free for the last 5 years being carnivore. Not every day is perfect but it’s pretty close.


⚠️This is why I always start with the diet as a fundamental baseline. Without proper nutrition, you can only get so far.


❤️‍🩹And there is no better readily-available nutrients (for the body to absorb) and nutrient-dense food than meat.



📺YouTube: https://youtu.be/TrGVWOQ8MeQ


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