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Microblog: A Beginner’s Guide to Meat-Only Carnivore

Microblog: A Beginner’s Guide to Meat-Only Carnivore

INTRO TO MEAT-ONLY CARNIVORE! I do this series about once every 6 months and try to support old and new friends of the carnivore community!

I always refine these graphics with the latest updates!

✅Get ready to get back to optimal health and live your best lives!

💥You can find my kids’ keto lunches, parenting low carb kids, my meaty meals and other holistic health content on my website, in my stories and highlights.

🚫Carnivore is oftentimes thought of as the perfect elimination diet. Most of us do not suffer from eating meat, especially beef. Some of us start carnivore because of weight stalls or other ailments that keto or some other diet can’t seem to fully heal.⠀

🥩So we start the diet by cutting out everything but meat and slowly reintroducing foods one at a time. But most people love the way they feel and make it a lifestyle.⠀

💡If you think about it, carnivores are willing to “give up” everything but meat. It seems a little crazy but maybe it’s because we really do feel THAT much better.

🎈Better enough to eat meat, every meal, all meals, all the time. ♥️

📘Lots more support in @carnivorecure!

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