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Microblog: 64M Americans Suffer from Gut Disease

Microblog: 64M Americans Suffer from Gut Disease

@CarnivoreCure has a chapter dedicated to gut health because that’s where most disease starts. Hippocrates said, “All disease begins in the gut.”

🛡@CarnivoreCure is healing because it removes most toxins from processed foods such as excess sugars, inflammatory seed oils and ingredients like food dyes, preservatives, MSG, etc.

🥩Meat is the most bioavailable and nutrient-dense food you can eat. The body can breakdown and absorb meat even with a less than ideal functioning gut.

⛑For many, eating only meat will help heal the inflamed gut, help the stomach to start producing more stomach acid and the liver/gallbladder to start making more bile to break down fats.

🍗And since a variety of meat has all the essential nutrients needed for optimal health, well you have a better chance of breaking down (and absorbing) foods for nutrition.

🌱For example, a healthy gut is needed to break down plant-based foods to use short-chain fatty acids for gut-nourishing butyrate. Same goes for non-heme iron in plants or K1… I could go on.

🧈Or you can just eat the bioavailable form of butyrate in butter. (see CH. 11)

🥛Maybe you can’t tolerate dairy and this is when extra gut healing is required but still, you will still be far better off on a meat-based diet than any plant-based variety.

💡Focus on healing the gut. Get on a gut-healing protocol (@CarnivoreCure), as no food is going to outrun a poor functioning gut.

👩🏻‍⚕️Every single elimination diet protocol includes meat AND removes many fruits and vegetables. (vegan isn’t an elimination diet).

🦠But if you started Carnivore because of H.Pylori, SIBO, Colitis, C.Diff, etc. Meat alone will not heal you. MAYBE if you are so very lucky, your gut can wipe out the bad but it’s rare.

❗️I’ve seen some recommend OJ + antibiotics to start over with the gut. Well, after a round of antibiotics, it can take two years for your gut flora to rebalance.

⚠️Daily juice is a toxic load of fructose to the liver and any medication requires detoxing by the liver.

⛑If you struggle with gut disease even months into carnivore, you may need to do some gut healing. And once you do, then Carnivore really does shine.


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