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Microblog: 56 Molecules of Magnesium Is Required to Metabolize One Molecule of Fructose

Microblog: 56 Molecules of Magnesium Is Required to Metabolize One Molecule of Fructose

One of the reasons I wrote @CarnivoreCure was to share some of the thoughts I have when someone tells me their concerns or fears about a meat-based diet.

⛑Not everyone can work with me. But how do I explain a concept or address a concern in a simple social media post? It’s pretty hard.

🥒One of the big fears lately is around the need for carbohydrates for hormone health. And I think, “read @CarnivoreCure.”

📃I wrote a blog post about the importance of magnesium. I also share how you can make your own organic magnesium spray at home.

🥀We are deficient in magnesium as a country. It makes sense. So many plant-based foods have antinutrients that block magnesium absorption (oxalates, phytates). Caffeine also depletes magnesium. Alcohol, stress and lack of sleep all deplete magnesium.

💧When we eat low carb, we store less magnesium in the body because we hold less water (water + electrolytes). But as our body finds a new balance, we should need less exogenous electrolytes. I use the magnesium spray if I didn’t drink a lot of water or when I had a stressful day.

🧂But I rarely need it. I don’t need any electrolyte drops unless I’m extended fasting. (even then, usually, extra salt works).

🍒But another significant culprit of magnesium depletion is sugar. Blood sugar dysregulation is a significant contributor to magnesium deficiency.

🥯To metabolize one molecule of glucose (sugar), you need 28 molecules of magnesium.

🍯You need 56 molecules of magnesium to metabolize one molecule of fructose (honey, fruit, high fructose corn syrup).

⚠️If you eat fruits and sugar for thyroid, hormone and endocrine health, make sure to consume extra magnesium. Because you also need magnesium for thyroid, hormone and endocrine health.

‼️You’ll also need extra magnesium because every detoxification pathway in the body requires magnesium. And your liver will need to detox all that extra sugar.

📘Read @CarnivoreCure. It doesn’t cover everything, but it does cover the (non) need for carbs for hormone health.

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