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Microblog: 4 in 10 Americans Are Obese

30% of Americans were obese in the early 2000s.

42.4% of Americans were obese in 2018.

❗️If you include all Americans 20+ that are overweight and obese, the number is 74% (2020). 40% of children are overweight or obese.

🚨At a certain point, we need to stop blaming the people and start questioning what’s causing the population to gain so much weight, so rapidly.

🗣And if you come at me with the Body Positivity movement, sorry, no human body is meant to be obese. Yes, we should love our bodies but when the body has a significant amount of weight to lose, the body is saying it’s sick.

❓So why is America getting so obese?

❓Blame the lack of exercise. Blame the lack of motivation. But how can 10% of Americans become obese in just 20 years?


⚠️That’s 10 MILLION MORE Americans became obese in JUST 20 years.

At what point do we question our food?

🥀Yesterday, the USDA shared the new dietary food guidelines for the next 5 years. These guidelines bleed into every single dietary choice we make. These guidelines decide our school lunches and the foods we feed hospital patients.

These food guidelines are what we define as healthy.

🍭They’ve decided that sugar consumption should change from 13% of calories to 10% of total calories. So in a 2500 calorie diet, eating 250 calories or 67 grams of ADDED sugar is completely okay.

You can have nearly 2 cans of soda and it’s healthy.

🧃And any natural sugars don’t count towards these 67 grams. So apple juice and other carb-rich foods are all healthy.

🤒This is how they feed diabetics in hospitals.
And 65% of diabetics will die of heart disease.

🚫So they recommend limiting saturated fats. Because saturated fats in red meat, butter and eggs cause heart disease, right?


💔Heart disease barely existed 100 years ago. Now it’s the number one cause of death.

Funny that the USDA published the first dietary recommendation in 1894.

💡Maybe they never should have. Maybe we stop following the USDA guidelines as we are sicker than ever.

⛑It’s more imperative than ever to question the narrative. Always be in the driver’s seat with your health. And this is exactly why I wrote @CarnivoreCure.


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