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Microblog: 34M Americans Suffer from Type II Diabetes

I had a fruitful (ha) discussion at Brian’s ATX meatup. My takeaway was that as educators, we know our own message and our POV on all nuances.

🗣But no one will know our message like us. Even our most beloved supporters don’t consume everything we share.

🍦So I thought I’d share my stance on sugar. Since I’ve been pretty hard on the Ray Peaters. First off, I’ll stop because there’s enough content now to see my stance + there’s a detailed blog post.

👥I absolutely believe nutrition and health is bioindividual. It really depends on your body, metabolic health, mental health, sex, age, genetics, etc. to know what is optimal for your way of eating.

🌾Whether PUFAs really cause the slow spark of insulin resistance or the excess sugar—doesn’t matter to me. Because when we remove all toxic seed oils (canola, soybean, etc.) and we can all agree, we are already winning.

🍯IF you’re metabolically healthy, physically active, salicylate tolerate, disordered eating-free, gut-health functioning, and then adding organic, low FODMAP honey or fruit does not impact your health, then have at it.

🤕But my clients usually comes to carnivore because they’ve exhausted everything else. When starting, who really wants to eat only meat forever?

🏋🏻‍♂️Yes, as meat becomes more normalized, you will get the biohackers, but that is not the norm. Again, it’s really bioindividual.

⚠️But if have insulin resistance and especially type II diabetes, it’s time to lay off the sugar.

⚠️If you have a poor relationship with food and sugar triggers compulsive eating behaviors (binge/restrict/compensate), it’s time to lay off the sugar.

⚠️If you have candida or other fungal/yeast overgrowth, or you have gut issues, including skin disease (eczema, psoriasis), you may want to remove sugar to stop feeding the bad gut bugs.

⚠️Many cancers live off sugar. Maybe stop for those reasons too.

🤒For my clients, most do better without carbs.

Is it good to be metabolically flexible? Yes.

💡But that’s different than thinking sugar is needed for optimal health. Find what works for you but always search for root cause healing. Oftentimes, the answer doesn’t lie within sugar.

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