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DIY Signs of Illness

diy signs of illness

DIY Signs of Illness

diy signs of illness

I know I don’t say it often enough, but the human body is one of the most amazing and complex organisms. It also has its own innate wisdom and communicates directly to us.


The question is: are we willing to listen?


Sometimes we don’t feel well but aren’t sure what the issue might be. Sometimes it’s physical, but it can also be emotional, mental, or even spiritual.

If you know something is off but are not quite ready to deep dive into the world of functional testing, there are some ancient and not so ancient ways for you to glean information from your body’s innate wisdom.


According to medical intuitive, Carolyn Myss, in her book Anatomy of the Spirit, “Our emotional energy converts into biological matter through a highly complex process. Just as radio stations operate according to specific energy wavelengths, each organ and system in the body is calibrated to absorb and process specific emotional and psychological energies.”


We are going to get into some specific mechanisms to intuit what might be causing your malaise shortly, but before we do, I want you to know that if you’re struggling and not feeling well, one of the best ways to support your physical, mental, emotional, and dare I say spiritual health is through a meat-based diet.


Most imbalances (both mental and physical) can be better supported with a high fat and protein-rich diet. However, if you have been meat-based for some time and are still not getting the relief you desire, some of these practices may offer you additional insight.



Face Mapping

We can interpret what is happening beneath the skin and in the organ systems of our bodies by carefully examining our skin. Our skin is our largest organ and holds clues as to what might be happening underneath the skin.


Chinese face mapping is an ancient practice rooted in Traditional Chinese Medicine. It emphasizes that different zones or areas of your face correlate to various organ systems within the body. If you have breakouts, acne, redness, or even hair growth in these areas, the organ system it links to maybe distressed and needs attention.


Carefully examine the picture below to view these zones for yourself.


Chinese Face MappingSource: HealthLine


If you tend towards facial redness or breakouts in any of these specific areas, you might have an imbalance of that organ system.


For example, if you tend to get breakouts between your eyebrows, this could mean that you have liver congestion. You might be consuming too many processed foods and your diet may need improvement.


You may also need a full blood panel, including checking your liver enzymes to ensure they are balanced.


For women, if you have breakouts on your chin or have hair growth in this area, your hormones are likely imbalanced and need to be addressed.


This information is significant if you tend to notice patterns.


If you notice a pattern that keeps appearing, for example, skin issues on your chin, you may want to test your hormone levels and see what the actual issue might be.


You could do this by taking the Comprehensive Hormone Panel to gain specific information.


Careful examination of our beautiful and unique faces can offer us tremendous insights.


Meridian Tooth Chart

Another option to explore is also from Traditional Chinese Medicine in the form of tooth mapping.


This mechanism of diagnosing organ imbalances says that each tooth is aligned with an organ system through the Meridian pathways in the body.


Meridian pathways are energetic passages that connect and transport life energy through our bodies. If there are imbalances or blockages in our life energy, these can manifest in material blockages and pain in the organs of our bodies.


If you have ever received acupuncture, you have addressed these Meridian blockages.


For example, you may be experiencing stomach pain, but your Doctor of Oriental medicine does not place needles only in your stomach but on your forehead, inside your elbows, at the base of your thumb, and your big toe.


Your doctor is trying to open the entire channel to get your energy moving more freely.


If you have a biological dentist, they are able to ascertain what might be happening in your organ systems based on what is happening in your mouth.


Meridian Tooth Chart with labels

Image Source: Carepatron


This chart shows which tooth corresponds to which organ system. If you consistently have dental issues with certain teeth, this could indicate an imbalance with its corresponding organ.


Also, this is why dental work is closely tied to bodily health. The film, Root Cause, shares how dental issues impact the entire system’s health.


The beautiful thing about Traditional Chinese Medicine is that it views and integrates the body as a whole unit. In western or allopathic medicine, we break the body up into separate systems. It assumes that each system is separate and unique unto itself, and what is happening in one system has no bearing on what is happening in another system.


This reductionist thinking is not supportive of the body as an entire system. All parts are connected and need to work together well for optimal function.


Organ Time Wheel

Another way we can tune in and listen to our intuition about the health of our bodies is through Traditional Chinese Medicine’s Organ time wheel.


A time wheel is a tool based on our circadian rhythm that we can utilize to determine the health of organs in our bodies.


This mechanism states that if we notice that we consistently have a pattern of feeling bad or experience pain or energy dips at the same time each day, then we may have an imbalance in the corresponding organ system.


Examine the wheel below and see what time indicates which organ.


Chinese medicine 24-hr circadian clock


For example, if you consistently wake up between 3-5 AM and feel the need to cough, this might indicate that your lungs need support and are trying to detox.


Or if you always feel sluggish or sleepy and your energy takes a dive between 1:00-3:00 PM in the afternoon, then your small intestine is imbalanced and may need some additional support.


If you notice this pattern frequently, you might want to take our Symptom Burden Assessment to gain information about the root cause of your imbalance. We provide the support and supplement tools to help you get closer to root-cause healing.


Tongue Mapping

When you have a session with a Doctor of Oriental Medicine (DOM), they might ask you to stick out your tongue. This is because the condition of the tongue also provides insights into what is happening internally.


Take a look at the map below.


Basic Layout of the Tongue Map with labelsSource: Epoch Times



You’ll notice that certain areas of the tongue correlate to different organ systems in the body. DOM’s use this information in conjunction with other methods of diagnosis to ascertain the cause of your current condition.


Not only are the areas of the tongue associated with different organ systems of the body, but DOM’s use the condition of the tongue to gain additional health insight.


For example, if the tongue is a nice pink color, like the tongue in the image above, this indicates the patient has good overall circulation in the body.


If the tongue is pale or has a more blueish tint, then that could indicate circulation might be a problem.


Your tongue should also have a thin, white film. This indicates good health. If your tongue is furry or has a yellowy thick coat, this indicates an imbalance in the body, usually with fluid balance.


DOM’s will notice the tongue’s condition, in terms of cracking, dryness, and scalloped appearance. All these nuances give valuable information to your practitioner.


Vibrational Medicine

All of these practices listed above of self-diagnosing imbalances in the body fall under the umbrella of vibrational or energy medicine.


Most physicists believe that the body is electric, meaning because it is alive, it is generating and pulsating out energy. Therefore, it creates an electromagnetic field through its biological processes. This indicates that the body is making energy, and energy contains loads of information.


We must learn to tune in to this energy and harness the information our bodies are always giving us. It is the biofeedback of our body.


We have innate wisdom in our bodies, and it is ideal to take a closer listen.


Today, we outsource our agency to everyone else, including experts, influencers, and doctors. It is empowering to take our own agency back. If we learn to slow down, tune in, and listen to what our bodies tell us, we can learn how best to support the body.


By aligning our physical with our mental, emotional, and spiritual health, we can stop chasing endless tests and doctors’ appointments. We might be able to focus and narrow down the root-cause imbalance and organ system.


Our body has so much information to give us, we just need to listen.


According to Caroline Myss, “…each area of the body transmits energy on a specific, detailed frequency, and when we are healthy, all are ‘in tune.’ An area of the body that is not transmitting at its normal frequency indicates the location of the problem. A change in intensity of the frequency indicates a change in the nature and seriousness of the illness and reveals the stress pattern that has contributed to the development of the illness.”


Sometimes, if we pay closer attention, these energetic imbalances can clue us into what is going on with our bodies before we even experience illness. This might mean we need to address long-buried hurts and experiences and move through our most buried emotions to remove these energetic blockages.


We may also need deeper intervention and support.


Optimal Health

We are all on our own journeys to finding vibrant health. Health and wellness includes our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies are all in alignment.


Take the time to tune in to and notice your body. Listening to the ancient wisdom maybe another lever to get to root-cause healing.


One of the best ways to start on this path of beautiful health is to eliminate processed fake foods and focus on meat-based nutrition.


2 People reaching hands to each other


The Nutrition with Judy team is here to support you on your journey to optimal health. If you are ready to prioritize your health and want to book a session, we are accepting new clients.


The Nutrition with Judy team is ready to help you with targeted support, encouragement, and accountability. The path back to health is not always straight and not always easy. But it is always possible.


You can do it and you are not alone.


The Nutrition with Judy nutritionist team can work with you in a one-on-one personalized manner and provide the support you need on your health journey to get to root-cause healing.


If you’re ready to heal, y ou can start the process with the Symptom Burden Assessment and Consult.


DISCLAIMER: The content is for educational purposes only. While I am board-certified in holistic nutrition and a nutritional therapy practitioner, I am not providing medical advice. Whenever you start a new diet or protocol, always first consult with your trusted practitioner.

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