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fda approves gmo cattle

FDA Approves GMO Cattle

Original Publish Date: 3/26/22   I shared about this a couple of years ago (with salmon) but it's unfortunately become true with cattle (and pork).    Here are the highlights:    The FDA has determined that meat from cattle bioengineered to have...

practicing gratitude for wellness

Practicing Gratitude

Original Publish Date: 11/26/22   We know that thinking positively and focusing on gratitude is good for optimal health and happiness. (Source)   But how do we actively do this?   Gratitude journals that help people focus on blessings instead of...

leptin resistance meal timing fat loss

Meal Timing and Fat Loss

Original Publish Date: 11/5/22   Should we be eating more at breakfast? Or at dinner?   Wellness advocates say we need breakfast for longevity. Others say we need it to heal leptin resistance. Others recommend we should fast for...