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Caitlin Monaghan


Caitlin Monaghan

Caitlin Monaghan is a certified Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and holistic nutritionist, certified by the Nutritional Therapy Association (NTA). Caitlin first became passionate about a low-carb diet and an ancestral way of eating when supporting her mom through illness which then led her back to nutritional school and eventually to a carnivore diet. She learned how healing the gut was critical for overall health and how food can be used as medicine and how the wrong foods can lead to chronic illness. Caitlin now uses a high-fat meat-based diet to support her own body to thrive, especially after her own struggles with gut and hormone imbalances. The carnivore diet had given her the most relief from her symptoms and she hasn’t looked back! 


She is passionate about leading by example while still meeting people where they are at. She hopes to one day see her family and loved ones on a meat-based diet. Caitlin is also a certified Restart instructor and focuses on supporting clients in sustainable healing. Caitlin focuses on root-cause healing with an animal-based diet and advocates for patience and consistency in healing. Healing takes time, but it is absolutely possible. Caitlin isn’t just passionate about diet but movement as well. Living optimally to her means moving her body daily. Weightlifting has taught her valuable lessons. She has had to be disciplined, face challenges, and learn to listen to her body. 


Pairing a carnivore diet with purposeful movement has improved Caitlin’s life and teaching that with our clients has allowed her to find her purpose. Caitlin was drawn to Nutrition with Judy for the same reason many clients are. It’s a safe honest place to heal. She wanted to see an individualized approach to healing that was rooted in a meat-based diet. She isn’t only passionate about the carnivore diet and barbells. Caitlin loves to travel, often planning her vacations around camping, national parks, and star gazing. She plans every trip down to the last minute with little room for downtime. She currently lives with her husband in NJ surrounded by their extended family including her four nieces, who know her as Kiki. 


In her free time, she can be found in the woods with her dog Finn, who also thrives on a carnivore diet. They are both learning how to hunt and are enjoying the process.