Evidence-Based, Simplified Nutrition and Lifestyle Strategies


Author: Nutrition with Judy

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DIY Signs of Illness

[ez-toc] I know I don't say it often enough, but the human body is one of the most amazing and complex organisms. It also has its own innate wisdom and communicates directly to us.   The question...

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Waking up in the Night

[ez-toc]   Sleep is one of our most desired activities and also, for some of us, one of the most elusive. According to the CDC, 35% of adult Americans report less than ideal sleep patterns. Some...

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Benefits of Animal Skincare

[ez-toc]   We all know how wonderful it is to follow an animal-based diet. We heal and seal our guts, lose stubborn fat, stabilize important blood markers, stress less, sleep better and have more energy—to name...

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The Circadian Rhythm

[ez-toc]   So, you think you have been doing everything right. You’ve been eating a clean meat-based diet, you have been taking your gut-healing supplements, you have been trying to get your daily movement, and you...