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Free Nutrition with Judy Resources

Free Nutrition with Judy Resources

I’ve made several free resources for the community and I wanted to have a single post for some of the almost-free resources. You can save this article and have access to all the links. I plan to release one for how to feed babies the nutrient dense way! Let’s do this!


Carnivore 75 Hard program


It’s never too late to start #Carnivore75Hard. If you want to participate or simply learn more about this community mental fitness challenge, we have a FREE #Carnivore75Hard program. I highly recommend taking it as it just may change your life.


Carnivore 75 Hard - the program


#Carnivore75Hard Free Program: Click here to learn more.


Gut Healing Nutrient Dense Bone Broth Guide


I am excited to share my family’s traditional gut healing bone broth guide. I remember my grandmother’s home always smelling like bone broth (and between you and me, I thought it was gross) and now I understand why she was adamant about always having bone broth. It truly is nature’s natural elixier. She passed away from diabetic complications and I only wish that I found nutritional therapy support earlier to have prevented her death.

This 14-page bone broth guide has several of the favorited Nutrition with Judy infographics and is print-ready. This guide talks through the various essential vitamins and minerals in both broth as well as the types of bones to use for more collagen and gelatin-rich bone broth. What is the difference between collagen and gelatin? It’s in the guide.

Also included is a list of spices that are lowest in antinutrients and that you may use for seasoning your broths and meat stocks. It also provides information on salts and why iodized salt isn’t ideal.

This bone broth guide will give you a recipe plan for both an instant pot as well as low and slow traditional cooking. Finally, there’s a storage guide for both refrigeration and freezer uses.

🛒You can get it here. There is a nominal fee for this guide but all other guides and links in this post are  🆓.


Nutrition with Judy Guides


📚This is worth reading, especially if you don’t fully get what people mean by bad seed oils and oxidation and you don’t get why oatmeal is not the best option.⠀

I also give a list of fruits and veggies that are lower in oxalates if you choose to eat these foods! Added bonus, it’s 🆓.⠀

We need to eat the nutrient dense way in order to have optimal health. What exactly is nutrient density and why does it matter? This guide will dive into why eating nutrient dense food matters and the importance of meats. The guide will walk you through the importance of fats, proteins and why carbohydrates are not essential to be your best self.

Sign up here and these 2 guides, which includes a sample meat-based lunch plan and grocery list will be sent to your inbox! Let’s get back to optimal health.


Nutrition with Judy Guides


🍃 I’ve shared this before but I’ve updated the guides to remove any items high in oxalates. Yes, spinach and raspberries are off the list now. This is a perfect guide to share with parents that need guidance to properly feed our kids!

We need to feed our next generation the nutrient dense way. Their rapidly growing bodies need nutrient dense foods to have thriving bodies that will last them a lifetime. What exactly is nutrient density and why does it matter? This guide will dive into why eating nutrient dense food matters and the importance of meats to feed our growing children. The guide will walk you through the importance of fats, proteins and why carbohydrates are not essential for us and our children to be our best selves.

Sign up here and these 2 guides, which includes a sample nutrient dense lunch plan and grocery list will be sent to your inbox! Let’s have our children strive for optimal health!


The Nutritionist's Guide - Carnivore Diet: A Beginner's Guide


While I’m sharing resources, I might as well share the Beginner’s Carnivore guide. I hope it can help bring some guidance when starting the Carnivore way of life.

From gut healing to supporting mental health, the benefits of the Zero Carb Carnivore diet are many. This FREE 37 page Carnivore Beginner’s Guide will provide you with all the tips and meat-only information you need to get you started. It also has many of the favorited NwJ infographics (for those that are more visual!)

This Carnivore guide will also provide answers to many of your carnivore questions, (e.g., where do you get vitamin C?) while also being a resource of nutrient-dense information. Carnivore has healed many of my health struggles and I talk through some of the benefits in this guide.

Sign up here and my Carnivore Diet Beginner’s Guide will be sent to your inbox!


YouTube Icon


I’ve been working on many YouTube videos on my channel.

Here Are a Few Highlights:

1) My raw story.YouTube has flagged it as too raw. I think it’s because I talked about my darker days and the dark habits of sugar addiction.

2) How much to eat on Carnivore.  You can watch it here  

3) A 10 Year Carnivore Veteran’s Journey. You can watch it here.   

4) Four Carnivore Women answer FAQs. You can watch it here.   

5) Feasting vs. Fasting. You can watch it here.   

6) What sugar does in our body. You can watch it here.   

7) Abstainer vs. Moderator and Food Addiction. You can watch it here.   

8) My mom’s carnivore story at the age of 68.  She reversed her Type 2 diabetes and asthma. You can watch it here.   

9) My Q&A with Bill Von Hippel. Our conversation can be life changing if you implement. You can watch it here.  

10) Game Changers and a closer look at James Cameron and the Terminator.

You can watch a powerful instagram “vegan agenda” clip I posted.

Much more to come! Please make sure to subscribe. This helps me produce more free content!


📚 Don’t Forget My Blog! 📚

I try to write an article every 2 weeks but my blog has been hijacked by #Carnivore75Hard right now! For now, here are some favorite articles!

1) Egg post with favorited carnivore egg recipes (egg loaf!)

2) Truth about coffee and caffeine

3) Basics of antinutrients

Why sunblock may not be the best option

5) Why you should stop antibacterials and hand sanitizers

6) How to pack a nutrient dense lunch

Why meat takes priority

8) Why (raw) goats milk is better than cow’s milk

9) Why breast is best (including extended breastfeeding). I’ve partnered with a goat milk formula company! I found one that can help you make your own formula if you cannot breastfeed. They have the recipe on their website. Unfortunately, there is NO store brand that does not include processed sugars and inflammatory oils — even the brands shipped from Germany.

10) The power of liver

11) Grain Free and DIY testing for food sensitivities


Carnivore Cure - The Ultimate Elimination Diet


I wanted to introduce you to my upcoming book!


The Carnivore Cure: Meat the Perfect Elimination Protocol

At some point, we may have all tried an elimination diet in order to figure out optimal health. This book takes GAPS, WAP, AIP, Whole30, LOWFOD, Low Oxalate diet and other protocols into consideration to make it the ideal elimination diet.   The book is currently available on Amazon


💡 Sharing Is Caring 💡

This post provides a lot of information and I hope it provides you resources and support for now and in the future.

Please forward this post to anyone you think would benefit from these resources!

Nutrition with Judy


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